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Are Business cards still important in 2022?! HECK YES! Business cards are still relevant for another simple reason - they are targeted. Not only do they share your contact information but they can also give a quick shot of info on your business. If someone asks what you do, a business card is a reliable and simple way to show them. We take the view that printed business cards remain the fastest and most straightforward way to share contact details and get people interested in your business. Of course, people can and do connect on online platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook and share web addresses, but a traditional business card can cut to the chase. Provided its design has been carefully considered and executed, the humble business card represents a golden opportunity to create a lasting first impression to make sure people remember you and your company.


Our Business cards are only printed on the highest quality 3.5” x 2” 32pt. cardstock (to give those interested in your brand/business a long last impression. Hand people something you’re proud to showcase your skills, talents, and services on!

Double Sided Business Cards

  • Business Card Development takes a minimum of 10 Business Days. Each revisional session takes 1-2 Days, which is included in the minimum turn around time.

    Please be away the during high volume seasons (holidays & sales), turnaround times may be extended.

  • Standard Shipping Time is 10 business days from the day of approval. Tracking information will be forwarded to clients once prints are shipped.

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